Clients Comments


  DAF 4.2 Comments   

I downloaded the trial version of DAF and was blown away by how easy it was to install and configure. After testing DAF for just a few minutes I knew I wanted to register it so that we can begin developing 'Secure Areas' on our clients web sites.  I have reviewed the products DAF's competition has and none of them can compare when it comes down to a price/feature comparison.  Thanks for making such a great product and thanks for providing such great documentation on your web site!

David Hanson


After more than 6 weeks testing DAF we decide to use the excellent software of Phil Tenenhaus. DAF is exactly the right tool for NT-providers to give away administrative rights to clients. Using this software is simple and it take care of performance and ressources. For us as an provider it is very important to use the technical support for any kind of software. For this action DAF is very recommendable.

Marco Ferraro (Spain)

PS: Special thanks to Phil Tenenhaus for helping to solve our integration problems of our non US NT systems.


We've found DAF to be an excellent product with first class support

Technical Director


  DAF 4.0 Comments   

W3 Media provides web hosting, web development in Canada & US North West. DAF 4.X provides a great, easy to use, flexible, powerful security system for our customers!

Ben Koshy

Used successfully on Healthinformatics website for authentication by various universities and organizations.


Great program!

Alan Warchuck
Onyx Consulting

We are a regional ISP in South Florida. DAF is used for clients requesting password-protected areas on their hosted sites. DAF saves all of the administration on our side and shifts the task to the clients themselves. We tried to develop out own ISAPI filter, yet DAF is so well done, we decided not to reinvent the wheel. It's a fine job on a fine piece of software.

Albert Churba
Dial ISDN, Inc.


I have been using Daf since Version 2 in a SQL data base of over 2500 users.  It certainly made authentication much easier than have to create over 2500 user under NT.

Vicki Hengen
dbWebNet, Inc.

WebCentral extensively use DAF Tools throughout it''s entire hosting facility to provide rock solid password protection

Martin Cooney
WebCentral Pty Ltd

Most affective way to impliment security in an NT environment.

Andrew Zygarewicz
Tuttle Decision Systems

We use DAF for our password authentication. Our clients are very happy with it. This is why we are upgrading.

Marcel Svizzero
(Web Hosting)

As an Internet Service Provider, it is a vital part of business to give customers what they want.  Customers in growing
numbers want to establish their own userlists for their site. Until DAF a customer would have to develope their own login solutions. Now we have a "Turnkey Solution". Version 4.0 has improved greatly since 3.5 days. It runs cleaner - task bar only, and installs like a champ! Now our NT customers can have as much control over their site as a Unix customer!

John Durrett
Internet Express Inc.

The Cancer Information Network is the largest online source for Oncology Information.   We have both a patient and
professional site.  DAF has made it very easy for us to maintain authentication for our professional site.

Frank Buchner
PRR, Inc.

What a great product!

Bruce <>

DAF 4 Rocks!!!

John Thompson
Discovian Productionsick St

  DAF 3.X Comments has used DAF for quite some time for our webhosting clients. We have never had a problem with this  software. It works very well for us and our clients.

Marcel Svizzero

I must say we are very happy with DAF, it was exactly the product we needed, and would have had to develop it ourselves if you hadn't. It just keeps working, and we don't have any problems. I can't tell you how important that is to us.

Chris Smith
The rosetta stone consultancy

ViaVia is one of the busiest sites in Holland. They currently have more than 110,000 members.

I work with your great tool and I like it.

Volker Christ <>
Computerwelt GmbH


Your product is excellent. We use it for an online purchase and
download program and it is wonderful!

Katie <>
Automated Graphic System, Inc.


Philippe, your product is very nice and works great with our application and it's my pleasure to recommend it to other clients.

The Shop Interactive
Matt Perry


It works like a charm!  :)
Thanks for the help and the excellent program!

Michael A. Ortiz <>


DAF is great! An Internet company the way it is suppose to be. Download the eval, its works, whip out the credit card, install the full version and forget about it. If you hit a snag there is very responsive help an email away.

Highly recommended
mark <>


Thanks for writing such a great program, I love it, and the functionality it gives!

PowerQuest Corporation
Ben Parson <>


It is a great software program. It has helped make my job a lot easier.

S.A.Y. Webhost, Inc. <>

I am using 2 DAF extensions right now, they receive about 7000-10,000 unique hits daily.
My site gets from 9000-14,000 unique hits daily. One feature of my site is a
webcam, some people you autocapture a program that every few seconds hits
my site to grab the new image from, so I have several members who may have
1 user session for the day, but will have over 6000 hits on the members
webcam. From watching the live log, it shows that everytime someone goes to
another page in the members area, DAF authenticates them. No one has ever
complained about a problem with not being instantly given access when they
put in their user name and password
. I have approx. 3000 members, and my
site has been a pay site for 9 months. The entire time I have used DAF. I
own my own network, everything is located in my house; consists of 2 T1's,
1 video server, 2 web servers, DNS, mail and news server.
DAF is used on my site and is recommended by me to sites I host
for security of their members-only area. It's a must. People who don't use NT
security and rely on Java security offered by some billing company
have a lot of problems with having people find back ways in.



Awesome product!!!  I have been looking for this for quite awhile!

Bill Gustafson <>


Excellent app that fills a real need for IIS 4.

J Owen Enterprises
Gary Hammer <>

It seems to work great so far--thanks for all your effort!

IANet - The Interactive Aging Network
Rey Muradaz <>


Thank you for such a good authentication scheme for NT/IIS4.0!

Dayne Jordan <>


Thanks for the great product.

Mt. Hood Community College
Gary Novak <>


I am very pleased with your software and my customers are very happy.

Netdor Internet
Abed Hoteit <>


Keep up the good work.
DAF has been a great product for our particular configuration here.
I'll continue to monitor your site for the next release.

American Teleprocessing Corp.
Mark L. Meyer <>


A big thanks to Philippe for writing such a wonderful piece of software, and for donating a license to our organization. Keep up the good work!

Asiatica Association
Dr. Ludovico Magnocavallo

  DAF 2.X Comments   

We are using DAF 2.0d to validate user logins for an online stockbroking
service, via ODBC and SQL Server 6.5. We have experienced no problems
with DAF, and have found it to be a convenient and reliable product.
My congratulations.

Paul Hanssen <> - Australia


After much searching on the 'net, I found your DAF product.
It is "exactly" what my company needs for our web site clients -- no other product approaches it.

Mark Pemburn <>


Thanks for the great product!

Dan Gozdiff <>


Philippe, DAF is working great for me, I have a data source with almost 1,000 users in it and it is working flawlessly.

National Business Services
Jim Coates <>


I am webmaster for a large insurance professional organization named the CPCU Society.
We have over 37,000 members, who adhere to the strictest standards of ethics.
Within the last week we have implemented your wonderful DAF 2.0 filter.
Many, many thanks.

CPCU Society Virtual Insurance Community (


The installation went smoothly, and it works GREAT!
I had looked around for a few days for this exact product.

IMC, Inc.
Manager Information Systems
Adam Rice <>


I refer to our discussion bringing DAF to work @ our Web sites (and it does pretty well, I can't repeat often enough :-))

Klaus D. Witzel (


DAF is working great. Thanks.

Rob Bernstein (


Greetings Philippe!

Allow me to extend my congratulations to you on the fine development of one of the most useful IIS extensions I have seen. DAF 2.0 is a filter IIS administrators cannot live without. Good work!

My name is Robert Burcham, and I am Chief Technology Officer for a 'new media' advertising agency in the USA. 

Little Robbie Burcham <>

Site using DAF link "jump right in."


Great! Thanks for the help, and thanks for a great product!

BSI Technologies, Inc.
Michael Julson

Web Server: Pentium 150, 64 Megs of ram
Access database
Number of users now is less than 30, but we are anticipating more than 10,000.


My boss has posted an envelope with the payment for DAF
an extra bonus to show our great appreciation for your fine job and the
support you have given me (we first decided to send you a bottle of red
wine, but we changed our mine as it was to large to fit in the envelope ;-)).

Staffan Berger (

03/05/97 Last news:
DAF handles 44,112 members, 7,100 user/day and about 550,000 hits/day.

Web Server: Cromtech 166MHz/128MB, Windows NT 4.0 Server SP2
SQL Server: Compaq Prosignia 300 90MHz/80MB, Windows NT 4.0 Server SP2,
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 (also running Microsoft Exchange 4.0a).
DAF reads the db every 5 minutes.
Line: 2MB radio linked to the provider.
Average hits per day: 1.1M
Average hits per day processed by DAF: 400,000
Average DAF user per day: 5,100


         DAF is an OpenFuture Software, Inc. Product