E-mail technical support request form

Before submitting a technical request form, please check your DAF log for errors and review all information available in the Knowledge Base and on the Troubleshooting page.

E-mail technical support is available for free to all users. Please fill-in the following form. It is tedious, but it is also the best way to know what exactly is installed on your system and to quickly exclude wrong assumptions and focus on the problem.

License ID
(if registered):
Contact Name:
E-mail :
NT and SP Release :
IIS and SP Release :
DAF Release :
Type of User Databases: Text, ODBC
If ODBC, database system used (MS Access, SQLServer, Oracle...)
Exact description of the problem (Please mention also what works) :
Copy of your DAF Log:
In most cases, without this information, it will be very difficult to understand the cause of the problem. For more information on how to use the live log, please refer to the knowledge base article 65.
DAFSEH.TXT error file:
(If it exist, this file is located in the same directory than DAFxxx.DLL)
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