ID 10: What if DAF is used with shared license information?

DAF Version: 1.0,2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0,

Obviously a high percentage of DAF software is installed with shared license information.

This is truly discouraging. Since about July 1996 I have been working on DAF at least a few hours almost every day for support to users, to update the web site or to upgrade the software.

If you are using DAF on a production server you cannot deny I deserve a compensation for developing and supporting this product. If you are using DAF without your own registered license, please consider registering.

To prevent the use of a shared license I could implement a license registration tied to the server IP address. I have not, mainly for two reasons:

- I want to keep it simple for registered users. I want them to be free to install DAF on a development server or whatever as long as it is not for long-term use on a production server.

- I do not want to waste my time developing these types of features and managing complex license registration processes.

I believe if this appears to be necessary to reach a fair number of registered licenses in regard to the number of filters installed, I will probably decide to abandon or sell DAF and forget about it.

However, I implemented a specific feature to limit (I hope) the number of shared license information. When DAF is running, if you load URL "http://<>/dafver.htm" information about DAF will be displayed, in particular the license ID of the DAF engine and all installed DAF data source extensions.

Philippe Tenenhaus

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Last update: 3/12/1997 12:48:23 PM

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