ID 100: Setup Program Startup issues

DAF Version: 4.2


The Setup Program aborts shortly after startup without an explicit error messsage.

For example:

- Setup aborts immediately after ending the initial loading percent bar without an error message
- A dialog box reports an Error 432. Then setup aborts
- A empty dialog box is displayed with only an [OK] button. Then setup aborts


Most DAF Setup program initialization failures are due to NT permission issues.

In particular, Full Control NTFS permission are required for directories:

- System NT directory (usually "C:\WINNT")
- System Temporary directory (usually "C:\TEMP\WINNT" or "C:\TEMP")


Administrator rights are required to install DAF. Relaunch the Setup program under an Administrator account.

If the problem does seem to be a permission issue, help can be requested at Please attach to your message the setup log file "BIN\DAFINST.LOG" located under the directory used to unzip the DAF package (NOT the installation destination directory).

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Last update: 5/1/2000 6:49:55 PM

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