ID 12: Can DAF be used in an ISP/Web hosting environment?

DAF Version: 3.0,3.5,4.0


With DAF installed, owners of a web site can own their web user database and manage access permission for files and directories. (There is no need to have NT specific rights.)

The server administrator will only need to attach each web site to a user database (TEXT or ODBC), then each site owner will then be able to manage his/her own web user user database and set all access permissions on his/her files and directories.

The Web User Manager can be used to manage each user database installed. With DAF 4.0, this application is included in the DAFPack and installed by the setup program. With DAF 3.5 and older, the application must be downloaded and installed separately.

With a Text user database, it is always possible to replace the current file with an FTP transfer.

With an ODBC user database, the site owner can develop an ASP script using DAFTools and/or ADODB to manage the ODBC user list. If the ODBC source is a local file (e.g. MS Access file), with DAF 4.0 or newer, it is possible to replace the file with an FTP transfer.

Access permissions for files and directories are set using a simple text file (DAFAUTH.INI) located in each protected directory. (There is no need to have NT specific right.) These files can be updated with a simple FTP transfer. Each DAF user belongs to one or several DAF Groups which are used to set permission on files and directories.

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