ID 130: BUG:Live Log window remain blank when running in a Terminal Services session

DAF Version: 4.2


With DAF filter version 4.2o (or older), and DAF Configuration Tool version 4.2.9 (or older) the Live Log window remain empty.


This problem was fixed in DAF filter version 4.2p and DAF Configuration Tool version 4.2.10.

1) Download and unzip file:

2) Replace file CONFIG.EXE located in your DAF\bin directory with the new version (4.9.10)

3) Install filter DAF 4.2p. For instructions, please refer to article 128.

Any DAF package available on the DAF download page with a newer version would also fix this issue.

Keywords: terminal,service,live,log
Last update: 11/30/2001 5:12:18 PM

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