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1. ID10 What if DAF is used with shared license information?
2. ID11 Performance cost when DAF is intalled?
3. ID12 Can DAF be used in an ISP/Web hosting environment?
4. ID13 Is DAF compatible with SSL?
5. ID14 Can I protect a single file or directory?
6. ID15 Is there a Web application to manage users?
7. ID16 What are the differences between DAF 3.0 and 3.5?
8. ID18 Can DAF password protect two IIS Servers using a single data source?
9. ID23 DAF and FrontPage
10. ID38 Is the source code of DAF available?
11. ID39 How to use DAF with iBill on-line billing service?
12. ID46 Which online Credit Card processors are compatible with DAF?
13. ID50 Year 2000 statement of compliance
14. ID51 Which NT Web Hosting companies include DAF as an option in their offer?
15. ID90 Is DAF compatible with Windows 2000 Server and IIS 5.0?
16. ID100 Setup Program Startup issues
17. ID109 DAF 4.2 STANDARD vs PRO Comparison chart

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