Technical Support


  On-Line Support for all users (Free)   

  E-mail Support for all users (Free)   

  Telephone Support for all users   

Technical Support is available via telephone and/or via Remote Desktop (RDP) or VNC to access remotely to your server. The cost for this service is $10.00 US per 10 minute. 


  • No longer available

Available from 9:00am to 9:00pm GMT+1 (Paris, France) or 3am to 3pm USA Eastern Standard Time. (If no answer, please wait the English voice message and leave your name and phone number.) It is now 04:06, Monday, July 13, 2020, in Paris

Fax:No longer available

To request technical support, please have ready:
- credit card information
- license number (if registered)
- if Remote Access is enabled (see note below), the IP address, login and password

important.GIF (334 bytes)  In most cases, for configuration issues, the support will be much more efficient if it is possible to connect to your server.

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